Sukrin icing

Sukrin icing is finely-ground Sukrin with a small amount of added steviol glycosides (from the stevia plant). The combination of the two sweeteners makes for a round and rich sweet taste and tempers the cooling sensation that pure Sukrin can cause. Sukrin icing has the same level of sweetness as ordinary sugar/icing sugar and is used in the same volume. Since Sukrin icing is finely ground, it has greater solubility than ordinary Sukrin, and is particularly suitable for:

  • Cakes and desserts that aren’t baked (such as cheesecakes)
  • Icing: cream cheese, butter cream, chocolate icing etc.
  • Iced teas and other cold drinks
  • Smoothies and berries
  • Decoration/sprinkles
  • Yogurt/quark
Sukrin Icing 400 g EU

    Sukrin icing can be used for baking in the same way as Sukrin. It has slightly greater volume. 1 dl Sukrin weighs 90 g, whilst 1 dl Sukrin icing weighs about 70 g.

    When baking, the amount of Sukrin icing you use should not constitute more than 1/5 or about 20% of the total volume of ingredients. For example: There are 100 g of Sukrin icing in 1 kilogram of bun dough. This comprises 10% of the total weight, which works just fine. If the amount of sugar in a recipe is greater than 20%, we recommend combining Sukrin icing with sugar or another sweetener, such as Tagatesse. You can also use Sukrin+ , which is twice as sweet as sugar, and replace more of the sugar with a smaller amount.

    When using Sukrin icing to make regular icing sugar frosting (with water/egg white), it may be a good idea to mix 50/50 with regular icing sugar to achieve the right consistency.

    Sukrin Icing on pastry

    Nutritional information per 100 g:

    Energy: 0 kJ/0 kcal  |  Fat: 0 g  |  Carbohydrates: 100 g*  |  -of which sugar: 0 g  |  -of which polyols: 100g*
    Dietary fibre: 0 g  |  Protein: 0 g  |  Salt: 0 g

    *Carbohydrates that are not metabolised by the body

    Read more about the origin of Sukrin, scientific studies, FAQ, etc. here.

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