Sukrin Syrup

Sukrin Syrup is low on calories and completely gluten-free. The low sugar content makes Sukrin Syrup very gentle on your blood sugar, and additionally, the syrup is both tooth-friendly and prebiotic.

  • Less than 2 % sugars
  • Guaranteed gluten-free
  • Half the calories of honey and syrup

Sukrin Syrup replaces Fibre Syrup

Sukrin Syrup can replace both Fibre Syrup Gold and Clear in recipes. It has the same level of sweetness as Fibre Syrup Gold, making it slightly sweeter than Fibre Syrup Clear.

How to use Surkin Syrup

Sukrin Syrup is ideal for drizzling over yoghurt, cottage cheese, porridge, pancakes, ice cream, desserts, berries etc. Use the syrup in baking and cooking where you would otherwise use honey or syrup. For example in homemade marinades and dressings.

Sukrin Syrup is excellent to give your cookies and biscuits a soft centre and crispy crust. It is also an amazing ingredient in home-baked bars, as it provides sweetness, a perfectly smooth consistency and a good source of fibre.

1 dl Sukrin Syrup weighs about 135 g. See recipes with Sukrin Syrup here.

SukrinSyrup Gold

Sukrin Syrup Gold

Sukrin Syrup Gold is neutrally sweet, and is perfect to use as an ingredient in baking and cooking.

SukrinSyrup Caramel

Sukrin Syrup Caramel

Sukrin Sirup Caramel has a delicious caramel flavour, and is perfect with ice cream, yoghurt, pancakes, fruits/berries and a range of different desserts.

SukrinSyrup Maple

Sukrin Syrup Maple

Sukrin Sirup Maple is maple syrup-flavoured, and is an excellent calorie- and carbohydrate-reduced option where you’d normally have used maple syrup. 

SukrinSirup has a uniquely low sugar content per 100 g:

Nutritional content compared to other syrups

per 100 g Sukrin Syrup Gold Yacon syrup Agave syrup ordinary syrup
Energy (kcal) 149 217 294 297
Fat 0 0 0 0
Carbohydrate 21 33 71 74
-of which polyols 14 - - -
-of which sugars 1.8 33 71 74
Dietary fibre 49 38 5 0
Protein 0 2 0 0

Net carbs: 6,6 g

Scientific studies on health benefits

Soluble fibre has been tested by a number of independent researchers to validate its effectiveness and demonstrate physiological health benefits. The following are some highlights of the research on the health benefits of soluble fibre:

Supports healthy blood glucose levels by decreasing postprandial glycaemic response.
[Study 1] [Study 2] [Study 3]

Has prebiotic properties which may support a healthy gut by stimulating the growth or activity of specific bacteria and producing short-chain fatty acids.
[Study 4] [Study 5] [Study 6] [Study 7]

May support bone health by increasing calcium absorption and bone calcium retention.
[Study 6] [Study 7] [Study 8] [Study 9]

Promotes healthy laxation and produces fewer negative faecal metabolites.
[Study 4] [Study 10]

Is well-tolerated even at high intake levels (40 g/day bolus and 65 g/day multiple doses), and has better overall tolerance than inulin or FOS.
[Study 4] [Study 10] [Study 11] [Study 12]


Soluble corn fibre, sweeteners (sorbitol, erythritol and steviol glycosides), molasses, salt.

Sukrin Syrup and diabetes

Sukrin Syrup contains less than 2 % sugars. This means it causes a marginal effect on the blood sugar, making it a safe choice for diabetics and anyone concerned with keeping their blood sugar levels stable.

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