Protein bread

  • Rich in protein (15 %)
  • Soy-, yeast- and gluten-free
  • Only 2 grams of carbohydrate per slice!
  • Easy to make, no kneading necessary

This is the perfect bread for those who want a gluten-free bread with plenty of protein and fibre, and a luscious, soft consistency. The bread contains no wheat, yeast or soy, and is also without whole kernels and seeds. We’ve used oats and sesame flour. This makes the bread extremely rich in protein, with less than a tenth the carbohydrate content of a wholemeal bread. In addition, the bread is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Easy to prepare

The bread mix just needs to be mixed with water, left to sit for 5 minutes and then shaped on a sheet pan. The water can be replaced with milk, quark, yogurt, crème fraiche or other dairy products. The bread will keep fresh and moist for several days, and also freezes well.

Nutritional information:

Per 100 g finished bread Sukrin Protein bread Average whole wheat bread
kcal 154 262
Fat 5.7 3.9
Carbohydrates 6.1 40
Fibre 10 6.4
Protein 15 10


  • Preheat oven to 175 degrees.
  • Mix 350 ml water and the bag contents together.
    (You can replace all or part of the water with milk, yoghurt, sour cream or other dairy products.)
  • Leave the batter to rest for 5 min, then shape the bread on a sheet pan.
  • Bake for about 60 minutes in the middle of the oven. (For buns: 20-25 min.)
  • The bread is best kept in a bag in the refrigerator.
  • Freeze any bread you will not eat within 4-5 days.
Protein bread


Flour (sesame, gluten free oat), egg powder, fibre (resistant corn starch, psyllium, peas), pea protein, flavour enhancer (erythritol), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate, diphosphate), mineral salt (sodium chloride, potassium chloride).

Net Weight : 224 g

Nutrition per 100 g dry mix:
Calories: 344  |  Protein: 33,3 g  |  Carbohydrates: 13,6 g  |  Dietary fibre: 23,2 g  |  Fat: 12,7 g

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