Sukrin Gold

Sukrin Gold is an amber-colour Sukrin with an exceptional sweet taste. It contains hardly any calories; only 8 kcal per 100 g- that is only 2% of the calories in ordinary sugar! Sukrin Gold is combined with other natural sweeteners, and this unique blend makes for a sweeter, rounder and more satisfying taste than ordinary Sukrin.

  • 98% fewer calories than sugar
  • Of natural origin
  • Provides a rich and rounded taste
  • Ideal in hot drinks such as cocoa, tea and coffee

Sukrin Gold is a natural alternative for anyone trying to be health-conscious but is not so keen on compromising taste. It has a GI of 1, and only  1 g of net carbohydrate per 100 g that affects blood sugar. Sukrin Gold  is perfect over berries, breakfast cereals, porridge, yogurt, in coffee, tea, desserts and anywhere you want a rich, well-rounded sweet taste.

Sukrin Gold works better than regular Sukrin in baking because it is sweeter and presents less risk of cooling. The amount of Sukrin Gold you use should not, however, constitute more than 1/5 or about 20% of the total volume of ingredients. For example, there are 100 g of Sukrin Gold in 1 kilogram of bun dough. This comprises 10% of the total weight, which works just fine. If the portion of sugar in a recipe is greater than 20%, we recommend combining Sukrin Gold with sugar or another sweetener, such as  Tagatesse.  You can also use Sukrin+ which is twice as sweet as sugar, and replace more of the sugar with a lesser amount.

Nutritional information per 100 g:

Energy: 8 kcal  |  Fat: 0 g  |  Carbohydrates: 99,3 g*
-of which sugars: 1,5 g  |  Fibre: 0 g  |  Protein: 0,1 g

*of which 97.4 g polyols that are not metabolized by the body, and do not affect the blood sugar.

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