Lene-Lill Jørgensen

Lene-Lill Jørgensen

Nutrition Therapist and diet guide


I am co-owner at Kristiansand Sports Centre, where I work as an instructor for „easy life“, nutrition therapist and diet guide. At our course in lifestyle change, we focus on optimal health through diet and physical activity. The majority of our visitors are struggling with problems related to their diet, such as obesity, high blood pressure, low energy, digestive problems and more. I dare say that the main cause of these problems is the high intake of fine carbohydrates and refined food. In order to overcome the problems, step number one is to reduce the intake of these to a minimum. It is a big relief to know that there is a healthy option that, in most cases, can replace sugar.

Sukrin is ideal for use in tea, cocoa, on porridge and cereals. I make both juice, ice cream, jam, desserts and chocolates with Sukrin and other healthy ingredients, and it tastes heavenly! Sukrin is, in contrast to sugar, not detrimental to the healthy bacteria in the stomach, the teeth or weight. Sukrin does not affect the blood sugar or insulin level. A stabile and low blood sugar is the key to good health, including weight control. As long as there is insulin in the blood, it will in fact block fat burning. Increasingly high blood sugar will give elevated insulin in the blood and may lead to insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance and metabolic diseases, to name a few.

FiberFin and Almond flour are also welcomed ingredients as a substitute for grain and flour in baked goods, sauces, crackers, biscuits and desserts. FiberFin is good for the bacteria in the stomach, reduces blood glucose levels and increase fat burning. Mandelmel also provides low blood glucose levels and contains useful protein and fat that the body needs. Bake mix for chocolate cake, which also is low-carb, has been well received and it tastes delicious, especially the day after.

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