Kristine Weber

Kristine Weber

Norwegian and Nordic champion in body fitness

I’m a girl that is really into fitness and I am very interested in exercise and healthy eating habits. In my blog I am keen to convey the importance of strength training and making more conscious food choices, especially as far as bad carbohydrate sources such as wheat flour and sugar are concerned.

I became aware of Sukrin almost 5 years ago, and I’ve used it regularly as part of my diet ever since. I have quite a bit of a sweet tooth, but the various sweeteners that are artificial or liquid and/or in powder form, often taste strange and unnatural.

When I tasted Sukrin for the first time I had to check it out on the Internet immediately and read everything I came across about the product. I could not believe that it was so similar to sugar in both taste and texture, and yet contained no calories! Sukrin is my savior as it allows me to indulge in something sweet and at the same time keeps me in good shape.

Sukrin is 100% natural, made ​from the sugar alcohol erythritol that can be found in mushrooms, amongst other things. It is totally calorie-free, causes no abdominal pain (as sweeteners often do) and your teeth stay healthy and germ free.

I use Sukrin daily in my porridge or in healthy baked goods, and I encourage everyone to improve their diet by replacing sugar with Sukrin.

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