Frequently asked questions about Sukrin

What is your response to the study that claims that Erythritol/Sukrin may cause blood clots?

Is Sukrin natural?

Is Sukrin the same as Splenda (Sucralose) or aspartame?

Is Sukrin the same as fructose?

Is Sukrin a carbohydrate?

Why can Sukrin cause a cold feeling in your mouth?

Can Sukrin be used by people with candida sensitivity?

Can Sukrin be used by diabetics?

Can Sukrin be used safely by people who suffer from fructose malabsorption?

How is Sukrin produced?

What is the raw material used to make Sukrin?

Could there be traces of pesticides in Sukrin?

Is Sukrin approved in the European Union?

How many calories does Sukrin contain?

What are sugar alcohols?

In what way is Sukrin different compared to other sugar alcohols?

Why is the sentence “Not suitable for the production of beverages.” on the Sukrin label?

What is the shelf life of Sukrin?

Can I rely on the fact that it is safe to use Sukrin?

Can I eat Sukrin if I follow Jewish or Islamic dietary laws?

What is the chemical formula of Sukrin?