Corn fibre, sweeteners, (sorbitol, erythritol and steviol glycosides), molasses, salt.

Corn fibre

Soluble corn fibre is produced by extracting pure glucose from GMO-free corn, and turning it into non-digestible components. The process is called enzymatic hydrolysis. Soluble corn fibre is used in foods to increase fibre intake and replace sugar.

Research shows that soluble corn fibre comes with many of the same health benefits as dietary fibre from grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Soluble corn fibre can improve gut flora and has prebiotic properties. In addition to this, soluble corn fibre helps maintain a healthy blood sugar regulation, and strengthens your bones by increasing calcium uptake.

Fiberfacts: soluble corn fiber

Scientific studies:

Supports healthy blood glucose levels by decreasing postprandial glycaemic response.
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Has prebiotic properties which may support a healthy gut by stimulating the growth or activity of specific bacteria and producing short-chain fatty acids.
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May support bone health by increasing calcium absorption and bone calcium retention.
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Promotes healthy laxation and produces fewer negative faecal metabolites.
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Is well-tolerated even at high intake levels (40 g/day bolus and 65 g/day multiple doses), and has better overall tolerance than inulin or FOS.
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Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, with a GI of approx. 9. We use sorbitol in SukrinSirup to ensure the best possible flavour of consistency. Using Sukrin alone would have caused crystallisation in the syrup.


Erythritol is the same thing as Sukrin – a calorie-free sugar alcohol with a GI of 0. Erythritol is produced through a natural fermentation process and contains no artificial additives. Read more about Sukrin here.

Steviol glycosides

Steviol glycosides are extracted from the stevia plant leaves, and is a concentrate 250-300 times sweeter than sugar.


Molasses is produced from what’s left over when sugar is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beets. We use a small amount of molasses to round off the SukrinSirup flavour.


We use a small amount of salt to balance the flavour in the syrup.