Berry cake with Oat fibre

Berry cake with Oat fibre

A juicy and fresh cake with lots of delicious berry flavour.


4 eggs
80 g Finesse baking sweetener
60 g Oat fibre
2 dl skimmed milk
50 g melted butter
1 tsp baking powder
approx. 160 g frozen berries

50 g butter at room temperature
35 g Finesse baking sweetener
150 g neutral cream cheese
approx. 40 g frozen berries


Whisk together eggs and Finesse. Mix in oat fibre, milk, butter and baking powder. Add frozen berries at the very end.

Pour the batter into a greased 24-cm baking tray. Roast in the middle of the oven at 175 °C for approx. 35 minutes. Let the cake cool afterwards.

Use a mixer and mix room-temperature butter and Finesse thoroughly. Then add cream cheese. Spread over cooled cake and decorate with berries.

Nutrition facts

Per 100 g kcal protein carbohydrate fat fibre
183 4 3 14 8