Fibre Syrup can be used in many ways

Fibre Syrup Clear

Fibre Syrup Clear can be used as a sweetener in baking, and is perfect for homemade bars. You simply heat the syrup until it is completely liquid, then add the remaining ingredients you want to use. The result is a soft and chewy bar with a high fibre content. Since Fibre Syrup is sweet in taste, you do not need to add any extra sweeteners, unless you want a particularly sweet bar.

Below you’ll find a basis recipe for protein bars made with Fibre Syrup:

Approximately  2 bars:
60 g (4 tbsp) Fibre Syrup
35 g (4 tbsp) whey chocolate protein powder

Heat Fibre Syrup in the microwave on full power for 20 sec. (or alternatively in a saucepan on the stove) until the syrup has a completely liquid consistency. Add protein powder. Mix well with a fork/spoon until you get a solid consistency. Cut the dough by hand and form into bars. Allow to set for a few minutes in the refrigerator before eating.

Fibre Syrup Clear is also excellent for biscuits or cookies with a crispy surface and chewy core.

Fibre Syrup Gold

Fibre Syrup Gold has a darker color and a fuller sweet taste. It is a healthier alternative to honey and syrup, and is ideal for drizzling over pancakes, yoghurt, porridge, berries, ice cream and desserts.