Sukrin gold – Sugar free all-natural alternative to brown sugar

The first ever all-natural brown sugar free sweetener with the aroma, sweetness, flavour and texture of granulated brown sugar.

Perfect in tea and coffee, over cereals, porridge and yoghurt. Makes baking and desserts sugar free without compromise in taste.

  • Perfect in hot drinks
  • All-natural alternative to brown sugar
  • 1 GI, less than 1 calorie per tea spoon


Sweetness with less than 1 kcal pr teaspoon (5g)

Sukrin gold is an all-natural sugar substitute with less than 1 kcal pr teaspoon (5g).

Studies show that sukrin gold does not affect blood sugar or insulin levels in the body. This means that sukrin gold can be safely used by diabetics. By combining sukrin gold with Fibrefine and almond flour you can decrease the impact of your food on blood sugar levels even more.


100% safe and all-natural

Many people would like to limit their sugar consumption, but are concerned about the safety of artificial sweeteners. Sukrin gold is a 100% all-natural product with no additives, based on the sugar alcohol Erythritol. Erythritol occurs naturally in pears, melons and mushrooms.


Sukrin gold is produced by a natural fermentation process

All-natural sukrin gold is made of erythritol(> 90%), which is made from glucose extracted from non-gm corn starch.
Ingredients: Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol), tagatose, glycerol, 
malt extract (gluten free) and steviol glycosides.


Calories and Glycemic Index of sukrin gold compared to other sweeteners: